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“Stay with it!”

“Stay with it!”

Today I pressed the 22.

Strict, military press, 22kg kettlebell. First time ever in my life.
This was also the first time ever I held a 22kg kettlebell in my hand: it’s a rare weight.
I picked it up – it felt heavy.
If you know me, you know that I’m a “why not” type of person.
So I thought: I never pressed it. My max ever has been 20. So why not give it a try.
A moment of doubt when I lifted it just to shift it: darn it feels heavy today.
But “why not”.
So I said to the guys “do you mind if I give it a go?” – there’s now no way back. They heard me and now there’s the possibility of a PR on the horizon.
Big breath – clean and PRESS..SSSS..SSS…moves…
…moves above 90degrees…
…good start…
…almost locked out, about 10 degrees to go…
(Oh how much I hate encouragement but it works this time…)
Seconds pass that seem like hours…
The darned thing doesn’t move!
Not a single millimeter!
Should I give up?
Screw you bell, I am not tired yet, we’ll battle it out!
After around 10 long seconds of holding the bell in an almost-locked-out position it finally budges.
I start to feel my elbow straightening.
Seems like another eternity while it is shifting into its place.
But the finally – LOCKOUT
Awesomeness – new Personal Record!
Now I earned that bell.

This is why I do it.
To feel strong.
To experience what it feels like to be able to do something I have never done before.
And this is why I train others.

I want you to feel strong.
I know there are ladies out there who can press much more than me.
But I’ve outpressed ME and that’s what matters.
I want you to be stronger than YOU.
Because it feels awesome.
I want you to be proud of yourself.
To be proud of what you have achieved.
Of how far you have come since you started…
In 3 weeks, 3 months, a year, 5 years…

The journey will have moments of doubts.
And there will always be that voice:
(David’s really good at shouting it)
**Listen to that voice.
**You are strong.
**You will be stronger.
**Stay with it.
**You are not a failure.
**Stay with it.
**Don’t give up your form.
**Don’t run to the next fad.
**The path is yours
**Stay with it

This was the slowest military press I have ever done.
Yet I am the proudest to this one.
Because I worked HARD for it.
I want you to feel the same.
…your first press-up
…your first deep squat
…your first pull-up
I want you to feel you are AWESOME!

Now go and lift some iron!

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