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Keeping fit on the go

On the road again… while trying to keep healthy AND in shape – Mission Impossible?

Well, certainly it is difficulty level at least 12 – one of the most common disruptors of healthy eating & exercise habits is being away from home.
Whether it’s a short getaway, a full-blown 2 week holiday or a business trip, it’s much harder to stick to eating nutritious, protein-dense foods, keeping your exercise up and even harder to stick to a calorie deficit when you don’t have access to your own kitchen. (more…)

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Beating Bulimia with a 16kg Kettlebell (by Nat)

In my 20s I had bulimia. There I said it. I always denied it at the
time but thinking back to those times it is crystal clear now.
Getting out of it did not happen from one moment to another. It was
like slowly crawling out of a ditch where you are less and less
deep but you are still in there. And eventually you surface. That’s
when you look back and realise how deep the ditch was. This is the
story of what helped me getting out. (more…)

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