Plans & Pricing

Shared Personal Training

Silver plan

£35 / week

2 x training / week

Ideal for: Maintain or improve fitness levels, complement existing sports.

Gold plan

£40 / week

3 x training / week

Ideal for: Achieving training goals and desired results results such as strength gain, weight loss, muscle gain, body transformation.

Platinum plan

£50 / week

Unlimited training

Ideal for: Those with a laser-focus and if you have a fitness goal with a deadline (upcoming holiday, wedding, competition, event, etc…)

1:1 Personal Training

Single session


Ideal for: technique check-up; learning a specific movement pattern or exercise

5 sessions


Ideal for: learning different movement techniques in detail 

For long term health and fitness we recommend making strength training a part of your weekly routine on the long run. Shared Personal Training is an ideal solution to achieve this. Sessions run every hour on the hour Monday – Friday 7AM-12PM and 4PM-8PM and Saturdays 8AM-12PM. On these sessions up to 4 students work with a strength coach, everyone following their own completely personalized training plan. For shared personal training we offer 3 levels of membership plans.

For different goals, like a technique check-up or learning a specific movement, we offer 1:1 Personal Training.

For those recovering from an injury we offer recovery sessions to prevent losing muscle mass or regain lost muscle mass and speed up recovery times. Prices are the same as our Silver / Gold / Platinum memberships. 

Find Us & Opening Hours

StrengthLab – Shared Personal Training Bristol

7 Lawrence Hill, Bristol, BS5 0BY 

Monday-Friday: 7am – 12pm & 4pm – 8pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm


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