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I came to StrengthLab for a number of reasons. I wanted to lose weight and help strengthen a shoulder injury which I had recently had surgery on.  I have never enjoyed the gym before now and was a completed beginner when it came to lifting weights and knowing what to eat. David, Nat & Hannah have completely changed my Life for the better & permanently! In the 2 years I have trained at StrengthLab I have lost over 2st! My shoulder has recovered and is much stronger than it has ever been improving my performance in the sports I play (Cricket, Squash & Tennis) Thank you guys!
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StrengthLab Member Since 2017
David and Nat are so incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and motivating. It’s a pleasure to work with them and build great habits and firm friendships. If you want the science behind your workout, the why, you can have it, in spades, but if you just want advice you can trust, a carrot and occasional stick to keep you honest and making progress, you can have that too.
StrengthLab Member Since 2018
The impact of StrengthLab on my life has been remarkable: from preparation for and recovery from a knee replacament operation through to bespoke exercises to various endurance cycling events the support, the expertise & planning has been superb. But more importantly I am stronger, leaner & more confident person as a result of ALL the training. Thank you all. (Oh & the coffe is great too).
StrengthLab Member Since 2019
Strength lab is fantastic for beginners all the way though to advanced lifters. They will teach you the fundamental techniques for many types of lifts and allow you to push yourself in a safe and controlled environment, with constant supervision and coaching from David and Nat. Both David and Nat constantly strive to improve themselves and their clients by keeping up to date with the latest research, and improving "the lab" itself, which is refreshing and shows a real passion for what they do. The studio is open from early mornings to late evenings but David and Nat are always enthusiastic and welcoming. They genuinly care about what is best for their clients. Another great thing about strength lab is the community of friendly clients, who often go to a variety of social events together, which are always a good laugh. Overall strength lab is the perfect place for anyone who is serious about, or looking to start tacking their fitness seriously, aswell as make new friends at the same time.
StrengthLab Member Since 2017
Strength Lab is amazing- friendly, knowledgeable trainers who are supportive and make you a coffee, but also really motivating and will work with you to achieve your personal goals. Always a great atmosphere in the gym that will make you want to keep coming back, and flexible and easy scheduling for appointments. The best balance of affordable but personalized training.
StrengthLab Member Since 2018
For me StrengthLab is the place where I, being a non sporty, non competitive type, feel comfortable with physical activity. I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed or humiliated, or letting anyone down. I am with a group of good people, trainers and members alike, who are supportive and encouraging, and who I am confident in.
StrengthLab Member Since 2018

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