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Try a month of Personal Training for £99 (regular price: £129). Limited time offer ends 01/01/2020

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Get fitter, stronger and Feel AWESOME every day!
(You will work with a coach on training sessions fully personalized to suit your goals and fitness needs.)

“I’ve noticed my energy increased this week. I flippin love Strengthlab!!!”
(Paula after her first week of 3x early morning sessions.)

“Strength Lab has changed my enthusiasm and attitude towards going to the gym and continues to do so.”
(Pete has been training with us for over 3 years now)

“Makes you feel part of something, you aren’t just a number! The support from the trainers and other members is fab and really motivating. You guys really listen and care and that shows #lovestrengthlab .”
(Claire after a month of training with us)

“I am proud of losing about 11kg (about the weight of my daughter!), and also building up to pressing the 16kg kettlebell.”
(Jennie – after completing a 6-week training & nutrition program)

“I have achieved FULL and QUICK recovery, a stronger body and a will to keep going and gain more strength, more confidence”
(Sarah who started training with us to get strong before & after a knee surgery – since then she completed a 100-mile cycle race!)

“…so I must go for it to be a superhero – thanks to the StrengthLab, I am closer and closer to that goal and I will reach that level one day”
(Isi, who is now quite close to superhero-level strength!)

How to get here

StrengthLab – Shared Personal Training Bristol

7 Easton Road, Bristol, BS5 0BY 

Monday-Friday: 6am – 12pm & 4pm – 9pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm


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