Personal Training, Nutrition, Recovery

How personal training can help you to get fitter, stronger, leaner, AWESOME-er!

personal Training - with a difference

You stand your ground at work.
Do everything for your family. There for your friends.
You deserve to feel AWESOME!
To feel strong. Confident. Full of energy.
This is why we created Shared Personal Training for you in StrengthLab.
The goal is a better life quality.
Weight Loss is a side effect.

Shared Personal TRAINING

What is it exactly?

Your individual personal training program – designed for your goals and needs 

  • Personal training-level attention
  • Private studio
  • Flexible times (6AM-9PM weekdays, 8AM-12PM weekends)
  • Out-of-training help (lifestyle and nutrition tips, recipes)
  • Share the fun, the motivation (and the cost) with 2-3 others
  • Peer support
  • Technical expertise – all the little details for the strongest and safest training
  • Lead by and expert trainer who helped people just like you get in shape

You’ll also get.. 

  • Nutritional Support – with option for a yearly Nutrition Program
  • Movement pattern assessment & correction
  • Injury prevention
  • Access to StrengthLab’s Inner Circle Support Group


Nutrition Coaching

Transform your body in a year


StrengthLab brings you your personal online nutrition platform which helps you:
🔴build new healthy habits
🔴create a better relationship with food
🔴lose weight and keep it off on the long run

It also does it in a very entertaining way. You’ll learn about nutrition, you’ll learn how to have a healthy diet you can fit into your life, but mostly you’ll learn a lot about yourself!

(Our Nutrition Program is available for £39/month – check member discounts below!)

Injury Recovery

Recover from injuries quickly & Retain Fitness Levels

No one likes getting injured and sometimes the process can be frustrating. We are here to help you!

We have worked with trainees recovering from ankle and knee surgeries, shoulder and back injuries to help maintain their strength and fitness levels while speeding up the recovery process. With a method used by Olympic athletes in the US and the UK as well as helping hospital patients recover faster in Japan, we can help you keep fit and strong and recover faster an injury or surgery.

Plans & Pricing

We offer a range of membership plans so that we can offer some of the best value personal training in Bristol. Why not book a free consultation to find out more details?

Silver plan

Ideal for: Maintain or improve fitness levels, complementing existing sports & training routines (e.g. running, pilates, climbing, tennis)

2 x weekly training sessions

Functional Movement Screeen

Progress Tracking

Support Group

Add Full Nutrition Coaching Program for £7/week

£35 / week

Gold plan

Ideal for: Achieving training goals and desired results results such as strength gain, weight loss, muscle gain, body transformation.

3 x weekly training sessions

Everything in the Silver Plan


Nutrition Quick Start Quide

Add Full Nutrition Coaching Program for £5/week

£50 / week

Platinum plan

Ideal for: Those with a laser-focus and if you have a fitness goal with a deadline (upcoming holiday, wedding, competition, event, etc…)

Unlimited weekly training sessions

Everything in the Gold Plan


Full Daily Nutrition Coaching Program FULLY INCLUDED

£60 / week

Find Us & Opening Hours

StrengthLab – Shared Personal Training Bristol

7 Easton Road, Bristol, BS5 0BY 

Monday-Friday: 6am – 12pm & 4pm – 9pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm


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